May 20, 2008

MILANO- Valentino last menshow.

A 75 years old man escorted by a body guard. This man is one of the last kings
in the fashion industry, elegance in person, an icon. I am talking about Valentino.

This picture is unique, because Valentino is doing his "entry" in front of the Milanesi.
He will, after a last show in Paris, retire from the fashion industry for good.

I was the only one outside the place ready with the camera to testimony this,
and in fact I am the only one having this picture. It was the first time that
I saw him in person and I was`t disappointed.

I was expecting a nice show too because I knew that this was the last one in Italy,
and once again he did`t disappointed me. He had staged a huge bar,
where the models were the costumers, very elegant costumers,
the kind of elegance that you want too see in bars today and a show with
Brazilians dancers.

They models were mingling in this bar and the atmosphere was so nice that
I forgot what it was all was about. I hope that the following pictures give you
an idea of the show.

Valentino arrives...

...and opens the bar.

The guest are relaxed and mingles...

...they are very elegant...

..they send you a message..."No socks this summer".

" be elegant"

The show begins, and the guest are enjoying it a lot.

The owner of the bar.

The bar is closed.

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