Jun 29, 2008


Shoes! For many (too many) are shoes just shoes, for me they are a mirror
reflecting peoples personality.
I hate dirty and ugly shoes!!! Come on...are not shoes the first thing that you look at?
I do!
Anyway I do not mean that they have to be expansive but they must look as
they are at least.

Down in Milan while I was attending different fashion shows I found those pairs
that I show below , very interesting and I hope you like them as much as I do.
Some are made in plastic, patent leather in various fluorescent colours that seem
to be popular right now.

Me, in Milan during my stay I was wearing "espardenyas catalanes" in white,
green and purple, good alternatives if you want to keep fresh feet and avoid socks.
I bought new shoes from Ferragamo in a very good outlet in Milan.

Above: a pair of Gucci


Anonymous said...

where can i get the only men's shoes on this entry!?

the fashionist said...

I will check it for you...

Johny Brown said...

Those black and green leather shoes are absolutely awesome. They would look so good with a skinny black jeans. Well, most shoes looks really good with a skinny pants. But this shoes and my taos shoes is the best look.