Sep 11, 2008

MILANO-Tom,Fitness chic or elegant Suit?

How do you prefer Tom? With the suit or in a fitness chic outfit? Personally I prefer
him in the salt and pepper suit, that fit him perfectly. The black polo neck sweater
is very chic and the shoes...well we do not talk about the marvellous shoes, because
I will spend all the night to find the right words that can give them justice.
Tom is for me a "Modern English Gent"! Anyway I can not deny that the
Fitness Chic jacket in the first picture is nice and cool.
I do like to own one and use it with jeans or chinos. I saw those kind of jackets
in the new collection of Italian Independent in Jersey/Cashmere, but double breasted. Something for the gym, maybe? Please cut and paste this link if you want
to see those jackets, ciao.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer him in Fitness Chic style