Nov 19, 2008

LONDON-The Beggar.

This gentleman that I met in London is struggling for his life, begging for money every day. When I asked him for a picture he shined up of joy, maybe because he was happy that I noticed him. He was nervous in front of my camera and he tried to fix himself before I took the shot. He was wearing a double breasted blazer with rolled-up sleeves, (Ralph Lauren Style?) 2 cricket v-neck, a kind of Burberry tie, jeans and Dr Martens. One of the most dignify persons I met on the street.


Assen said...

wow that's one stylish beggar. We don't have any like that in DC lol

cable_zombie said...

Zoolander anyone?

Anonymous said...

i don't think he rolled up his sleeves to channel ralph lauren, but because he can't afford a jacket his own size. that comment under the picture ridicules the man more than anything else.

the fashionist said...

Dear Anonymous thanks for make it clear that the jacket is to big...I know already...and I know that he did not rolled up his sleeves to channel was just to point that I do not like Rolled up sleeves in blazers in general.
did you see the? after RL?...ciao ciao

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. :D This put a smile on my face that you notcied those who i'm sure most of the time feel invisible. The comments left by readers on this page make me feel a little ill however.

This man struggles for his life everyday and all you can do is joke about it. If more people cared about more than themselves, maybe this man could have the life he can only dream about now. Or atleast know that he will have somewhere other than the street to sleep for tonight.

Thanks for the photos they have really inspired me :D

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

I commend you for posting this shot.... Class can't be purchased you either have it or don't. this man has it apparantly regardless to his financial condition. He would not have been featured on any other street style blog. thank you for the post.