Mar 29, 2009

MILANO-How we work...on the street.

Well you may ask yourself how do we, street style photog. work...?
Well in the following sequence you can see how we do; firstly we select our models,
(notice Scott-alias The Sartorialist- to the right in the first picture)
We start to chat with them and try to convince them that they will not regret
to be a model for one day...then we take position and CLICK...the picture is done.
If you wish to see the result of the work shown here, use this link .


Summer said...

Great work..=)
Hope to see more pics of fashion..;D

Solo said...

Oh great.Simple as that?!
Amazing,good job.;D
Looking forward to see more from you.;D

Anthea said...

Wow so cool! Thanks for showing's great to see how it all goes down.