Apr 20, 2009

MILANO-Brunello Cucinelli.

Have you ever met a King in your life? I did, in Milan, last January.
I met with Brunello Cucinelli, the King of Cashmere.
Rumours say that kindness is the key to his success. Can this be true?
Is there any kindness in the fashion industry...or is it a world of snobbish people?
Maybe...but Brunello is not part of it...not in the matter of being human.

Well, let me tell you that even if we come from the same town it was the first time
we met, but it felt like we were old friends.
The day I met him I was late to the appointment due to the Italians rail wails.
Brunello was about to travel by car, and was worried about the fog that hits the
Milan area hard, patiently waited for me.

What an experience to meet this humble self made man.I took his picture and after
he asked me: “Your train was late, did you eat anything?” I said no...and at
the same time he took me to the kitchen and ordered a hot meal just for me.
I remember these 2 guys taking care of me and cooking just for me. Then he came
into the kitchen greeted me and said to the cooks...”guys...thanks for the good pasta”.
What a kind man and soft too, as his last collection. The show room, was like
the modern museum of London to my eyes, jackets, coats, cardigans,
so soft that you can not imagine the harmony, pastel colours and all great
stuff that makes my day.

Do not forget to take a look at brunellocucinelli.it and be soft...a must in your closet.


JFK Jean said...

If only other men were smart about pleated trousers like this man obviously is

-h said...

what a pleasant gentleman. he looks so good in his grey suit, and i like how he uses his cardigan as a vest.

Summer said...

I think you are right,that he is a good person.It shows on his pic..;D

Solo said...

Oh he really look like a good guy..;D
And -h is right,he looks good on his outfit.;D

Brook and Lyn said...

He sounds like he's a gentleman. So few of those left in this world. I enjoyed reading this.

Olviya said...

oh, i like his cloths very much.i also love to watch his adv campaign shootings - its so easy, inspyring and joyfull.
he is looking perfctly, for sure!

kamgroup said...

He makes some of the best garments in the world, you dont have to be bitchy when you have the best. Good on ya man..

Anonymous said...

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