Aug 4, 2009

ITALY-Made in Italy by Giovanni Renzi.

Ordinary boys dream of becoming Pilots, Soccer Stars or Fireman...but
as a boy he was dreaming of “High Heels”. He was always asking is
father : Why do we not
make women shoes? But the family business was at that time making
babies shoes....inside Giovanni Renzi the dream of making and designing
fabulous shoes was burning and growing and one day it became reality.

Today Giovanni Renzi is King of Heels. Visiting his huge laboratory I am
surroundedof beautiful shoes with extraordinary heels.
The brand name is Gianmarco Lorenzi.The shoes are entirely made in Italy.
All materials needed to make them are jewels, stones, metals made in Italy
using old techniques of fusion, such as the one that the ancient
Romans used. In time of crises many are trying to find cheaper solutions in Asia,
killing the real "Made in Italy"...but Marco Polo is dead...and Giovanni still wants to
deliver his costumers a product that reflect the beauty and creativity of the most
beautiful country of the world...Italy.

The finished product is so beautiful that it is almost a shame to use them...
My wife wants to put the shoes that Giovanni gave her on a shelve ..they are a piece
of art that should be in a contemporary museum,she said, and I think that even
other women think the of them is Beyoncé that wore a pair during
Michael Jackson memorials...
shoes that Giovanni sent to her personally...and do not forget Rihanna and many
Italian V.I.Ps
Check out the whole collection here....


Monika Poppy said...

such fabolous heels, i want a pair!


-h said...

very glam!

Anonymous said...

Yes .....

Solo said...

Gorgeous heels. ;D

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Summer said...

Awesome! Love the blue one. =D

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