Sep 14, 2009

Larger pictures.

Hallo everyone!!
From now on I will post only bigger pictures.
Please let me now if you like it and if you have any kind of problem in seeing
the pictures.
Using this size you will not need to click on the picture
to enlarge any more and you`ll save time.
The older post will remain as they are with a small picture.
What do you think about this choice?//Fosco


Dale P.L. Chadwick said...

I like the upgrade it's fantastic. Keep up the excellent work.

MaxW said...

Pics no problem but the text is mising at the far right. I'm using Firefox.

thefashionlist said...

Is the text now entirely?

Circe said...

Mi piacciono le immagini più grandi!

thefashionlist said...

Bene ne sono felice.Grazie

Olviya said...

that looks great! tell me the secret how to make it here, on blospot?)

Martini said...

I like the bigger picture. It's great for seeing the details in people's clothes.