Mar 19, 2010



The Photodiarist said...

The bag in her left hand (actually, it's really in her right hand) --- the one with the basket weave and fluffy stuff --- I like it. I like it a lot.

Cecylia said...

She looks amazing for her size

benedetta said...

hi dearling!
it is me!it is Benedetta Bruzziches!that'is my favourite alveare!BB

thefashionlist said...

Benny Sei Bellissimaaaaaaa!!!
Let people know that you are the designer making those fabulous bags...give us a link!

irene said...

She looks amazing for her size?
What is that supposed to mean?
That's not a very nice thing to say.
That dress doesn't help at all.
She's got a great figure, very femminie, a real woman!!!!
Also the picture doesn't really show her neck!She's got one too!
And she's taller.

thefashionlist said...

I believe that Cecylia just want to point that Benedetta looks nice on those clothes pointing out that you do not need to be a skinny model to look good.

irene said...

I know yes!
Sorry!Didn't mean to be rude!

Montserrat said...

I like it
She looks amazing

Anonymous said...

Pirandello wrote a lot about irony.

flavia said...

non mi piace..troppi stili insieme...presi singolarmente gli accessori sono molto il tutto è eccessivo

benedetta said...

dear all!
we can say that i am so big because i am full of love!for my job obiviously!i launched my bags brand and this is one of my alveare bag,one of my must!But now on italian brand COPIED MY alveare in a really orrible way.Please help me to save the creative people.