Mar 26, 2010

ITALY-Michele Rondini did it again.

Well, you might wonder what this is. This is Posh Fit! Yes right, Posh Fit! This is the
name of the cool stuff that genius Michele Rondini invented. Sometimes you might
think that almost everything has been done concerning garments, especially for guys,
but you are wrong. Today, accessories are most important to make a difference.
The stuff that you see in the pocket of the jacket is now produced by italiaindependent,
a cooperation between Michele & Lapo Elkann. Once, when I meet Lapo I was wearing
the original Posh Fit and Lapo ask what it was and who the genius was that invented it...
My friend I told him..and the corporation started.
Actually ,I do prefer the original, white with a silver chain, but the one on the picture is
nice too and available in the italiaindpendent stores.
The original is available on Stuff!
So pleases you designers out there, do not copy and pretend to be the first one!
Maybe, the best should be to employ Michele who can give you some fresh ideas instead
of copying him:)
Jacket and Posh Fit on the picture by italianindependent.

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