Sep 5, 2010

STOCKHOLM-Personal shopper.

People read blogs because they are looking for inspiration, but sometime it is not enough.
They need more help than just pictures, they need a
personal shopper.I believe that in all the most fashionable cities
of the world there is one..and Stockholm
has it too..Charlotte Von Mentzer. I have run into this girl a few times,
and she has always surprised me with cool outfits..Looking for help?
Well start by reading her blog, or just drop her a line..and be stylish.


Michelle Bobb-Parris said...

This is a beautiful post, beautiful portrait. Thanks for sharing.

spoozyliciouzz said...

Wow, she looks amazing.

well louboutin said...

Women should ensure that the shoes and bags not only look amazing,louboutin but they also match.

MEO said...

lei mi piace molto!!

Gingerstyle said...

I now have an English short version of my blog posts on the blog. My site will soon be totally bilingual - do come back for a visit. :-) Best regards, Charlotte/Gingerstyle