Nov 8, 2010


No it is not summer again in Sthlm..but this picture was taken last summer and
I would like to share it with you.
This is one of the pictures that I sent to a competition that magazine Elle & Cafè
organized with Canon.
They were searching for the best street style photographer in Sweden,
the new The Sartorialist! Even if I do not like to be compared with him,
due to the fact that I have another kind of taste…. the prize was a Canon
and the pictures were published in Café.
And guess who the winner was?..The Fashionist!


zizi bloom said...

bravo for the prize!!!
nice photo!

menina elegante said...

wow that is awesome!! Good job! That is a great photo!!

menina elegante

Charlotte said...

Oh, that's fantastic, you are really a good photographer! Well done! :)

Serena P. said...

Love look!

Dlife said...

congrats!!!!!!!!!!glad to you,i've to say sincerly the pic is not one of the best for me i've seen on your blog,i agree to you,that's why i'm not friendly with contests

classiq said...

nice photo!

jaicroise said...

Bravo!!! what a great picture!

Fasali said...

great pic;)

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! Of course you won. I knew you were the best already!!!
From Gingerstyle: