Dec 17, 2010

BASTIA-VIA VENETO the store of the month.

Some weeks ago I went to my home town Perugia, and I visited one of the
best stores around the area:Via Veneto in Bastia Umbra.
It looks like the picture is taken on the street, doesn´t it? Actually,
the tree that you see is inside the building. Some genius
constructed the store around the old tree to preserve it.
The store is owned by Francesco Campelli & Miriam Bartolucci.
The Model that I dressed..improving my skill as a wearing
ELISABETTA FRANCHI PER CELYN B..the store is for ladies by the way
and you can find other brands such as PATRIZIA PEPE FIRENZE e
PINKO..Watch out for my next Store...soon on this channel.

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