May 19, 2011

Last week, while I was shooting a new advert I had the honor
to work with a very nice girl named Filippa Lagerbäck.
Filippa is well known both in Italy & Sweden. As a TV personality,
she is probably one of the most humble people in the business.
Many of you will never meet her live and will never have the chance to spend
time with her. That is why I shortly wanted to describe her for you, the Girl next door.
Even though she is famous she treats people with "white glows".
Filippa is a blogger as well and writes in Italian & English.

Enjoy PlanetFil here!


It-Blogirls said...

love the shot!

Miss Tongue said...

Hi there!
Saw that you were represented by ModelOne. What are they like as an agency? They've said they want to represent me, but there's been little action so far. Do you get jobs from them?