Oct 5, 2011

PARIS-Peroni Nastro Azzurro Party.

Place de l`Italy Paris 6pm. I am wearing blue-light trousers, white shirt, electric blue porcelain bow tie, sunglasses from I-I, navy blue jacket and an amazing mute watch. People are staring at me on the underground.

I know..I look good, my mother always told me so....or....I look too blue!?
No Paris map with me, because I hate looking like a tourist but I have just my Canon with me. Ops, I can`t find the place where I need to be in 15 min....where is the map? I ask a guy in French, and he answer me in Italian....mmm, I believe that my french is not the best.

He looks at me....I am still very blue....and nicely replies; "Come with me, I`ll drive you there". 7pm I am at the destination, Italian embassy.
Huge rooms, crystal lamps, statues, a beautiful garden, the piano and the pianist creating an atmosphere that takes me back to the 17th century.

Perfectly dressed for the theme of the night, the light blue, I start to take pictures.
But why this theme you might wonder?
No it is not because the sky and even not because the french flag, but.... it is all for a green bottle, or better the liquid inside this bottle, the Nastro Azzurro
(blue ribbon) by PERONI.

That is way I am dressed this way, to match my style with the italian life style and the most popular Italian beer.

7.15pm some of the staff thinks that I am the official photographer, they give me instructions and just leave me there without giving me time to explain I am not!
7.30 my savior Christian comes and explains to the lady the misunderstanding, she is disappointed.
7.35 the official photographer arrives and the lady becomes more disappointed....he is not blue. 8pm to 01am, music, food, pictures and cool people are surrounding me.

01am the PERONI party ends and I am looking for a cab..03am still no cab..and someone is screaming for help....my feet!! Thank you Christian..for stealing the only cab in town, and thank you PERONI for a memorable night....Italians do it better even in Paris!

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