Nov 11, 2011 independent.

This it is a voyage of unspoiled unique places.From Stockholm to Helsinki, through Oslo, Småland, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsö, Hammerfest, Rovaniemi and Karasjök, I-I discovers rare landscapes and enters the daily life of the country using as "testimonials"the people met along the road. The items of clothing for AW2012 are inspired by the Alpine officer Gennaro Sora, an Italian explorer from the `30s and `40s who took part in one of the first expeditions to the north pole, which is another motivation that brought I-I to North Cape. All the products from the world of Italia Independent appear in this video: Clothing, shoes, eyeglasses and sunglasses,helmets and the numerous collaborations for which I-I is know, suck as the Borsalino hats, from the collaboration with the homonymous brand, "Buckless" belts, created with Orciani and the skis produced with bstripe and Blossom.

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