Jun 11, 2009

STOCKHOLM-Here we go again...military jacket.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I really love your blog!
I like the pictures, your take on fashion et al.
I applaud your unwavering support and championing of Lapo Elkan whom I really admire for doing his own thing and thereby being somewhat of what I would call an ´anti-royalty!´. The guy simply chooses to go his own way do his own thing and not be burdened with the whole Agnelli legacy thing! Heavy enough for poor John Elkans shoulders, but I hear Fiat is doing rather well thank you very much! The cars are brilliant, the advertising sublime and there is money in the bank to but Chrysler of the US?!

My Frustration with your blog is this:

What I do not like of your blog is your failure time and time again to educate us of your sartorial finds! Take the jacket above, possibly the coolest ´band jacket´I have seen and the perfect fit as well! I feel with such a brilliant foto, we are entitled at least to know a bit of knowledge of this jacket and other beautiful finds?!

Is this a chloe band jacket? Is it by APC? Paul & Joe?
Alas, we will never know and because we will never know, we wont investigate and a piece of the adventure of researching this potentially wonderful blog you have will have been lost!

Please see: www.easyfashion.blogspot.com as a point of reference!

Meanwhile........Please keep up the fantastic work!

Hogan: London, England/Madrid, Spain.