Jun 7, 2009

Torino-Lapo Elkann.

Last week-end I was in Turin visiting a good friend of mine.
Many relate him to Fiat or Juventus, many think that he is just
a rich guy that does not do anything then just party....but those "many"
are totally wrong!
Who am I speaking about? Mmm..well an handsome brilliant 32 year old
Italian boy speaking Italian, English, French, and Portuguese very well.
A guy full of energy and life,that gets up every morning at 6:30. Have you guessed who?
Not yet? Well he is the mind behind Italiaindependent and Independent Ideas.
I am talking about Lapo...Lapo Elkann.

Despite all slanderous Lapo is a generous hard-working entrepreneur
that is surrounded by wonderful teams. Together they create and
design "personal belongings" unique and innovative objects,
produced 100% in Italy. Between them T-shirts, sunglasses, jackets,
multi-purpose bag , pants, candlesticks, vases and even a great Vodka.

Italiaindependent and Independent Ideas reflect the elegance and talent
that symbolizes Lapo. Lapo is always a step ahead, looking for new ideas,
the best part of him is that he never surrenders..never,
as his tattoo says >>I...Forward.

In the pictures Lapo is wearing the unconventional
t-shirt "Rock Save Italy" inspired by the advertising campaign created by
Independent Ideas for Virgin Radio Italia.
(Lapo is the Testimonial of such campaign. You can buy the t-shirt here)
and a special made black Rolex with italian flag engraved, Nike sneakers
and Italiaindependet sunglasses.

As Lapo would say “Be cool and be always your self! Be independet! Baciii”


Summer said...

Be cool and always be your self....be independet! Love this quote of him. And this true, be your self don't mind them.=) Looking forward on your next post.=)

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noa said...

Cool pictures, like them!


Olviya said...

he looks very good!

nice t-shirt)

Giuseppe said...

Nice post,
a little request.. do u know where i can buy/see the rolex and the nike shoes??! thx

myArtistic said...

Made in Italy.