Jun 28, 2010

MILANO-Veronica & Cecilé.

And finally some light and fresh new air in the female fashion world..blowing from Italy.
I have being living in Sweden for more than 15 years and internet here
has been available at high speed for a very long time.
It is not like Italy where you need help from above to get connected.
High speed internet makes it possible for many young teenagers to became
famous on the web.
The most famous in Sweden is 19 year old Isabella Löwengrip.
3 years ago she start "Blondibella" and became one of the most famous & influential
teenagers in the country.
Italy is now following her steps...I met 2 bloggers recently in Milan.
The first is Cecilé, who is French. She is blogging about vintage,
probably the first one doing so in Italy. She tells you how to use and mix your
old stuff with something new, so you do not need to buy new clothes,
you ´ll find them at your parents or grandmothers closet, and with the help of
Zara or H&M you can dress for any occasion and save a lot of money.
Then Veronica (right), is Italian and the youngest, shows through her blog
what she is wearing and gives inspiration to all teens and for sure you will find a
look that you will like.
But at last what I like most, is the idea that these girls will soon take the place of
all old ladies that I always see in Milan....it is time to open the windows and
change the air....Veronica & Cecilé will do this..

Please take a moment a check their and spread it out.. Cecilé blogg here
& Veronicas Blogg here ..have fun!


Lady said...

Wow, I saw the link to your blog at The Fashion Fruit, and I am so impressed by your photos, they are full of colours and MAGIC! Really great job. Ania

Anonymous said...

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Navigo a Vista said...

Bellissime! Bellissma foto